Black Knight and Docutech Announce Strategic Alliance

ConformX Document Solution to Be Bundled With Black Knight’s Origination Suite

  • Through a strategic alliance, Black Knight is bundling ConformX, Docutech’s loan document generation engine, with its suite of origination solutions
  • ConformX will now be available as part of Black Knight’s comprehensive Origination Suite, which includes the implementation of Empower Now!, AIVA, the Actionable Intelligence Platform, the Exchange collaborative platform, and the Expedite digital closing solution
  • By bundling ConformX with Empower Now!, lenders receive a premier, all-in-one origination solution, eliminating the need to integrate a separate loan document provider or negotiate with two separate vendors

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Aug. 1, 2019 – Black Knight, Inc. (NYSE:BKI) and Docutech have created a strategic alliance to bundle Docutech’s advanced ConformX document generation engine as part of Black Knight’s comprehensive Origination Suite of solutions. Including ConformX in the Black Knight Empower Now! loan origination system (LOS) implementation process not only further optimizes the loan process for customers and providers, but helps lenders eliminate the time and resources needed to search for and contract with a separate loan document provider.

“Docutech is dedicated to providing lenders with solutions that enable them to manage their document needs more efficiently while maintaining the highest level of compliance tools and offering their customers a more modernized loan experience,” said Amy Brandt, President and CEO of Docutech. “We are proud to work with Black Knight to include ConformX with an Empower Now! implementation for faster, more efficient data integration and document exchange to enhance a seamless, secure onboarding process.”

By integrating ConformX with Empower Now! implementations, lenders can now generate dynamic loan documents, auto-populated from data stored in Empower. Using rules-based intelligence and pre-configured automation capabilities, data is imported and systematically populated on the required documents generated by the lender to streamline onboarding.

The Empower Now! implementation model is designed to allow lenders to benefit from the capabilities of the Empower LOS, but with a 50% reduction in implementation time, resulting in faster timelines and lower implementation costs. Additionally, the Empower LOS scales to support business growth, so lenders can remain on the same origination system as their loan volumes increase.

Black Knight’s Origination Suite features a wide variety of innovative solutions, some of which include: AIVA, an artificial intelligence virtual assistant that can manage repetitive, manual loan processing tasks; the Actionable Intelligence Platform (AIP) Origination Collection, which helps lenders be more proactive about gaining new clients; Exchange, the nation’s largest fully interconnected network of service providers; and Expedite Close, which determines the best way to close each loan – either wet-sign, digital or a hybrid – and provides eDelivery, eSign and eClosing capabilities, when applicable.

“In forming this strategic alliance with Docutech, Black Knight is building a premier, all-in-one origination solution for our clients,” said Rich Gagliano, president, Black Knight Origination Technologies. “Bundling state-of-the-art document capabilities with Empower Now! will help our lender clients reduce loan transaction times, save on operational costs and quickly customize documents for accelerated speed to market.”

About Docutech

Docutech offers a wide range of document technology solutions for mortgage, home equity, and consumer lending from document generation to eDelivery, eSign and print fulfillment. The company sets the standard in providing market-proven technology and unrivaled customer service to the financial industry. Docutech’s knowledge and solutions empower lending professionals to efficiently produce accurate loan packages in all 50 states to ensure compliance with constantly changing laws and regulations. For more information, visit the company’s website at www.docutech.com or follow them on social media at LinkedIn or Twitter @Docutech.

About Black Knight

Black Knight (NYSE:BKI) is a leading provider of integrated software, data and analytics solutions that facilitate and automate many of the business processes across the homeownership life cycle.

As a leading fintech, Black Knight is committed to being a premier business partner that clients rely on to achieve their strategic goals, realize greater success and better serve their customers by delivering best-in-class software, services and insights with a relentless commitment to excellence, innovation, integrity and leadership. For more information on Black Knight, please visit www.blackknightinc.com.


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