Docutech and ReadyPrice to Provide Affordable, Customized Loan Origination Experience

SCOTTSDALE, AZ., March 26, 2019 – Docutech, the leading provider of document eSign, eClose and print fulfillment technology, today announced an agreement to integrate with LOS technology provider ReadyPrice. Docutech’s loan document generation engine ConformX and Solex eSignature platform will integrate with ReadyPrice’s Loan Origination Software (LOS) solution.

ReadyPrice’s ready to use, all-in-one LOS system comes complete with Day 1 Certainty, deep Fannie DU, proprietary error trapping and capital markets integration — setting itself apart from all other systems. However, lenders can also quickly and easily configure the platform to meet their specific needs. As a result of the integration with Docutech’s ConformX document generation engine and Solex eSignature platform, lenders utilizing ReadyPrice’s LOS gain access to a seamless document experience that virtually eliminates additional data entry and errors and improves compliance.

“Loan origination can be a complex, cost-intensive process,” said ReadyPrice CEO, Rick Soukoulis. “The ReadyPrice LOS was built for mortgage bankers by mortgage bankers for optimal efficiency. Now with integration into Docutech’s dynamic docs and eSignature technology, lenders and borrowers alike can benefit from a more streamlined process while ensuring compliance.”

As the focus on offering digital mortgages increases, the role of dynamic documents integrated with eSignature is more important than ever. Rather than utilizing a static library of forms, ConformX integrated with ReadyPrice will produce data-driven documents that meet specific lender, regulatory and investor requirements. Every relevant data field is imported, defaulted or automatically populated through rules-based intelligence to offer the most streamlined document experience possible, and granular configuration options ensure that the right documents are present in the appropriate package. Unlike other eSign technologies, Solex eSign is an all-in-one eSignature solution that provides electronic document delivery and signature affording operational efficiencies, while ensuring compliance, security and an optimal borrower experience.

“As mortgage technology and API integrations continue to evolve to deliver efficiencies to the lender, it is important to remember that the mortgage experience is a relationship between lenders and customers,” said Amy Brandt, president and CEO of Docutech. “Through our collaboration with ReadyPrice, providing lenders with the tools to more effectively grow their business while improving the ease and convenience for their customers is critical to delivering the optimal mortgage experience for both parties.”


About ReadyPrice
ReadyPrice is an all-in-one LOS with built in Pricing Engine, error trapping, Day1 Certainty, document imaging, and Fannie DU built by mortgage bankers for mortgage bankers.  ReadyPrice offers a platform that is scalable and customizable for non-delegated lenders, bankers, brokers, and investors that is easy to use, easy to set up and with a low entry point.  For more information, visit the company’s website at www.readyprice.com or follow them on social media at LinkedIn.

About Docutech

Docutech offers a wide range of document technology solutions for mortgage, home equity, and consumer lending from document generation to eDelivery, eSign, eClose and print fulfillment. The company sets the standard in providing market-proven technology and unrivaled customer service to the financial industry. Docutech’s knowledge and solutions empower lending professionals to efficiently produce accurate loan packages in all 50 states to ensure compliance with constantly changing laws and regulations. For more information, visit the company’s website at www.docutech.com or follow them on social media at LinkedIn or Twitter @Docutech.


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