Website Privacy and Confidentiality Policy


This policy defines Docutech’s commitment to the privacy and confidentiality of client and borrower information which it may obtain through the performance of services in the normal course of its business.

Who We Are

Docutech develops, owns and maintains software only accessed by Mortgage Lenders that have entered into a written agreement with us. Lenders who use these systems to enter personal information about their customers and obtain the appropriate loan documents on a mortgage transaction.

Nonpublic Personal Information

We may receive Nonpublic Personal Information (NPI), as defined forth in Section 509 of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (P.L. 106-102) and/or any federal regulations that implement the act, as needed to perform services under our contracts. Any NPI we collect is used only as necessary in connection with services provided to you. We will not disclose any such NPI to any other person, except as necessary to provide services or as required by applicable law. We limit access of NPI to employees who reasonably need such information in order to allow us to provide services. We require such persons to maintain the confidentiality of all NPI.


We maintain appropriate security to limit physical access to our data center and network components, all of which meet or exceed the minimum standards as defined and/or required by applicable laws. We maintain appropriate technical security layers such as authentication of system users, firewalls, and virus scanning. We maintain appropriate software and procedures for preventing, detecting and responding to security breaches.

We may use a small text file called “cookie” in the browser files of the Lender’s computer to guide our users though our application. The cookie itself does not contain any Nonpublic Personal Information although it will enable us to relate the use of this site to the information that you have specifically and knowingly provided. Cookies are harmless to your computer.

Contact Information

You may contact us by telephone, email or postal mail.

Docutech, LLC
P.O. Box 1835
Idaho Falls, ID 83403-1835
(800) 497-3584